This has now become an annual competition at Champagne Castle Hotel. The ‘A Sense of Place’ Photo Competition.

We’re looking for your photos that best capture ‘A Sense of Place’ and that MUST include Champagne Castle (the mountain). We’ll then take the top 20 most voted for photos (you can only vote once per day) through to a judging panel, made up of 3 members of our team, for a final selection. We’re looking for the photo (from the top 20) that best captures the essence of ‘A Sense of Place’

Last year (2015/2016) we had over 60 entries. We’re hoping to see a far larger number this year.

Entries close on 13 Jan 2017 and voting closes on 20 Jan 2017. The winner is announced on 24 Jan 2017 on our Website and Facebook page.