Falcon Ridge Bird Of Prey Centre

Located 1 km from Champagne Castle Hotel travelling back towards Winterton. Not to be missed!  Shows daily at 10.30am except Monday and Friday. Tel: +27 82 774 6398

Drakensberg Boys Choir

An internationally recognised attraction.  Concerts most Wednesday afternoons (except school holidays) at 3.30pm.  Book at Reception or contact them directly on +27 36-468 1012.

Helicopter Flips (Westline Aviation)

Visit the majestic Drakensberg from a different perspective. Depart from Dragon’s Peaks Park, 5 minutes from the hotel. Book at Reception or directly with them on +27 83 652 7493.

Drakensberg Canopy Tours

The Drakensberg Canopy Tour is a fun and safe eco-adventure for the whole family. Situated near the Drakensberg Sun Hotel. Open 7 days a week in rain or sun.  Book at Reception or contact them directly on +27 36 468 1981 or +27 83-661 5691.

Didima Rock Art Centre

An internationally renowned Bushman Interpretative Centre situated about an hour’s drive away near Cathedral Peak Hotel. Tel: +27 36 488 8025.

KwaZulu Weavers Candle Factory

Situated 20 km from Champagne Castle Hotel on the road to Winterton.  Rug weaving and candle-making, curios, arts and crafts. Open daily. Tel: +27 36 488 1657.

Berg Adventure Golf

Situated at the Kwazulu Weavers & Candles about 20 minutes from the hotel. They have a new 9-hole putt-putt course which is fun for the whole family. Tel: +27 36 488 1657.

Battlefield Tours

Contact Spion Kop Lodge on +27 36 488 1404 or +27 82 573 0224.


Champagne Sports (+27 36 468 1088), 7 minutes drive from the hotel. Beautiful 18-hole golf course while Monks Cowl Country Club (+27 36 468 1300), have a 9-hole course. Please book directly with the club.

Four Rivers Rafting Adventures

Specialise in a large variety of exciting activities such as white water rafting, quad biking, abseiling, zip-lines, kloofing, mountain boarding, segway off-road tours, adventure teambuilding, etc. Open 7 days a week.  Book at Reception or contact for leisure bookings on +27 083 785 1693 or team building on +27 83-612 2373.

Champagne Castle Adventure Centre

Situated 5 minutes from the hotel at Dragon Peaks Mountain Resort. Specialise in a large variety of exciting team-building activities such as archery, abseiling, paintball, kloofing, canyoning, white water kayaking, white water tubing/geckoing, king swing, zip-line, etc. Also have a Kiddies Adventure Park for kids aged 3-7 years (Zip-line, tree climb, paintball and target shooting). Book at Reception or with them directly on +27 74 103 3613.

Drakensberg Scootours

Enjoy an exhilarating 5.4km downhill descent on the monster mountain scooter.  A free 4×4 ride takes you to the top of the hill. Suitable for anyone who can ride a bicycle. Closed on Mondays. Tel: +27 74 103 3613 or +27 74 192 8258.


Mountain Restaurant and Delicatessen. Large variety of arts and craft and Central Drakensberg Information Centre. Situated 20 minutes drive from the hotel towards Winterton. Tel: +27 36 488 1273.

Mountain Splendour Cycles

Purpose-built single track suitable for all abilities and ages. Tel: +27 36 468 1172 / +27-82 577 6841

Dragon Rock Reptile Centre

Wide variety of reptiles and creatures. 2 Minutes drive from the hotel. Visits by tours only. Tel: +27 82 955 1404 / +27 82 458 4384

The Drakensberg Chocolate Bar

Interactive Chocolate Bar situated 10 minutes from the hotel. Open daily. Chocolate tasting, chocolate appreciation, chocolate dipping and chocolate/coffee pairing. Tel: +27 72 310 3376.

Bushman Paintings

All Bushman Paintings are now protected by law and visitors need to accompanied by a custodian. Champagne Castle Hotel has a small painting.  Should you wish to see them, please make arrangements with Reception or our Hiking Guide to visit them during our scheduled daily morning walk. Alternatively, there are Bushman paintings 3km back down the road near the Dragon Peaks Park area. Contact Buffalo Guides on +27 82 216 9974 or +27 72 538 1331.

Deons’s Honey Products

“When the last bees light goes out, mankind will have only 4 years left to live”.  Based at Scrumpy Jack’s about 12 minutes from the hotel. View active Killer Bees behind the safety of the glass hive or purchase a variety of medical products (Propolis) made from bees. Offer education presentations on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays. Tel: +27 36 468 1308.