“We need you to capture ‘A Sense of Place'”

That was the instruction given to Jason Hoff of Pulp Films at the beginning of 2015. We had just finished a meeting where we finalised the shooting of a new Promo Video for the Hotel.

‘A Sense of Place’ is the slogan of Champagne Castle Hotel, and we wanted the promo video to capture that, and only that. Our hotel is situated under the 2nd highest peak in South Africa (Champagne Castle) and our guests walk straight from the hotel onto the mountain. We wanted a video that captured the beauty of the magnificent environment the hotel is situated in.

We’ve seen a few sneak peeks of the video in early draft form, and we’re very excited for it’s completion. Below are a few images of the film shoot. We’ll be launching the video along with our new website in early April.

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