This has now become an annual competition at Champagne Castle Hotel. The ‘A Sense of Place’ Photo Competition.

We’re looking for your photos that best capture ‘A Sense of Place’ and that MUST include Champagne Castle (the mountain). We’ll then take the top 20 most voted for photos (you can only vote once per day) through to a judging panel, made up of 3 members of our team, for a final selection. We’re looking for the photo (from the top 20) that best captures the essence of ‘A Sense of Place’

Last year (2015/2016) we had over 60 entries. We’re hoping to see a far larger number this year.

Entries close on 13 Jan 2017 and voting closes on 20 Jan 2017. The winner is announced on 24 Jan 2017 on our Website and Facebook page.

There’s an excited and proud buzz circulating through the team at Champagne Castle Hotel today. We’ve just heard from TripAdvisor that we’re a 2016 Travellers’ Choice winner. We’re now on their Top 25 South African Hotel’s list, and we’re rated in the Top 1% of properties on TripAdvisor.

We received the award through the reviews and opinions of the TripAdvisor global travel community who have stayed with us, and we’re extremely grateful for each review.

Every single morning the management team (made up of a representative from every department in the Hotel) meets to talk through the day before, and the day ahead. A permanent item on our agenda are the TripAdvisor reviews we receive. Every review is read out, and discussions are had on every item a guest brings up. Action points, where necessary, are tabled, executed and followed up the next day at the meeting.

Sometimes the reviews are difficult to read. One mistake from one of our team can turn someone’s stay with us from great to average, or even worse. And of course, there are reviews that are wonderful to read, because for that guest, we got it right (which of course is our goal with every one of our guests)

From all of us at Champagne Castle Hotel, a big thank you to each of our guests who take the time to post a review of their stay at Champagne Castle Hotel. Those reviews contribute to us ensuring that we’re perpetually improving everything we do, to ensure all of our future guests have the best possible stay with us.

TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice Award Winner 2016 top 25 1% south africa hotel hotels vacation holiday drakensberg


The theme for New Year 2015 is ‘Champagne Royale‘ inspired by the timeless James Bond. A feature of Champagne Castle Hotel New Year evenings is that our guests go to a lot of time and trouble to dress up and get into the theme. And of course we do our best to match their effort. It makes for an evening that always counts among our highlights of the year. This year we’ve invited our New Year’s Eve guests to pick any James Bond character from any of the 23 James Bond movies as their outfit inspiration.

Below we’ve done our best to collect a diverse selection of outfits from a diverse cross section of James Bond films.

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bond girls women woman james ian flemming new year champagne castle hotel

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During October 2015, Champagne Castle Hotel is going to be opening a Guest Gallery to showcase your holiday photos. We’re aware that thousands of photos are taken on our property each year. Photography is a gift and an art, and we’d like to put your gift and your art on show for others to see and to enjoy. The photos will be on show at the Hotel, as well as on our Facebook Page (look out for the Guest Gallery link going up in October on our FB page) We will also put some of the photos onto our Instagram and Twitter feeds.

The Guest Gallery will go up in the corridor between reception and the main lounge (as you walk to the shop).  There will be 4 photo frames that will make up the gallery.

We’re looking specifically for photos that capture the beauty that defines Champagne Castle Hotel’s slogan, ‘A Sense of Place‘.


Because we’ll be printing the photos out, and placing them into an A4 frame we do need minimum dimensions in order to ensure a good quality print. The photos need to be taken with a device that has at least an 8mb camera. This will ensure an image with a size of between 1754 x 1240 pixels and 3508 x 2480 pixels (photos must be landscape and not portrait).

By sending us your photos to us you give us permission to display your photos in the Guest Gallery at the Hotel and/or the Digital Guest Gallery on Facebook, and/or our Instagram and Twitter feeds. We will credit the photographer of every photo we display. Where a photographer is not highlighted in your email, we will credit the sender of the email. All submissions for the Guest Gallery can be sent to


This past week Champagne Castle Hotel was welcomed into the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame. From the email sent by Marc Charron TripAdvisor President for Business:

This unique accolade is granted only to those businesses that have won the Certificate of Excellence for five years in a row. As you know, the Certificate of Excellence can be earned only by receiving consistently great reviews on the world’s largest travel site

A big thank you to the 265 guests who have taken the time to post a review of their stay with us,

We recognise that TripAdvisor plays an important role in people making a decision around where they stay. We monitor TripAdvisor constantly and ensure that reviews are fed back into the daily management team meeting. Our goal is to make sure that, on your return visit, you experience an always improving Champagne Castle Hotel.

drakensberg vacation holiday hotel review trip advisor tripadvisor champagne sports cathedral peak


drakensberg vacation holiday hotel review trip advisor tripadvisor champagne sports cathedral peak


drakensberg vacation holiday hotel review trip advisor tripadvisor champagne sports cathedral peak

All that’s left to say is that we’re completely blown away by our two new promo videos. So without further ado, may we present the one and two minute versions….

1 minute

2 minute

“We need you to capture ‘A Sense of Place'”

That was the instruction given to Jason Hoff of Pulp Films at the beginning of 2015. We had just finished a meeting where we finalised the shooting of a new Promo Video for the Hotel.

‘A Sense of Place’ is the slogan of Champagne Castle Hotel, and we wanted the promo video to capture that, and only that. Our hotel is situated under the 2nd highest peak in South Africa (Champagne Castle) and our guests walk straight from the hotel onto the mountain. We wanted a video that captured the beauty of the magnificent environment the hotel is situated in.

We’ve seen a few sneak peeks of the video in early draft form, and we’re very excited for it’s completion. Below are a few images of the film shoot. We’ll be launching the video along with our new website in early April.

champagne drakensberg hotel midlands mountains berg winterton cathkin cathedral peak sports vacation holiday

Every year, around August, we announce the theme for the Champagne Castle New Year’s Eve Party. It’s a large event for us, and we start now in our planning and preparation. Some years the theme is picked by our competent team of party people based at the hotel, and other years we get requests from our New Year regulars, that we put to a vote. This year it was a little of each.

A group of our guests have been asking us for a few years now to pick something more informal and casual. We decided to give in and go with it. And so, without further ado, it’s our privilege to announce, that the 2014/2015 New Year’s Eve theme will be:

Moonshine Mountain Madness

Between now and the end of the year we’ll send out email updates to those guests staying with us over New Year.

Let the Madness begin 🙂