There are a few dates on each year’s calendar that are incredibly important at Champagne Castle Hotel. New Year is definitely one of them. Much time is spent on both the theme and the planning of the party to welcome in next year. This is the letter sent to guests staying with us for the 2017/2018 New Year Celebration. (Our New Year celebration is reserved for guests only)

This year, our New Year Celebration honours the adventure of Phileas Fogg of London, England and his French valet Passepartout in their circumnavigation of the world in 80 days on a £20,000 wager (the approximate equivalent of R35 million in today’s money).

Earlier this year we received a letter from the Fogg family asking if we’d host a party in Phileas and Passepartout’s honour. Of course we accepted.

According to a recently discovered document, written by Fogg to Passepartout, he indicated that he’d wanted to host a party at his favourite destination in all the world (what an honour) and invite all the interesting people they’d met on their voyage. Unfortunately Fogg became ill shortly after writing the letter and the party was put on hold.

Until now. 31 December 2017. Champagne Castle Hotel.

We’d like you to consider all the incredibly interesting people that Fogg and Passepartout would have met on their journey. We’d then like you select one of them, consider who they may have been, how they would have dressed, and then attend our New Year ‘Round the World Party’ dressed as that person. Pick a name for your character for the evening if you’d like? Feel free to be as creative as you’d like to be (of course we’ll be giving a weekend away to the most interesting person who attends).


To assist and inspire you, we’ve included their 1873 itinerary….

UK to Suez, Egypt
Fogg and Passepartout start their epic journey by taking the Orient Express, which departs from London. They travel across France and the Alps to reach Venice. Here they move on to Brindisi where they change to a steamer that brings them across the Mediterranean sea to Suez in Egypt

Egypt to Bombay, India
By steamer across the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean

Bombay to Calcutta, India
By rail

Calcutta to Victoria, Hong Kong
By Steamer across the South China Sea

Hong Kong to Yokohama, Japan
He searches for a vessel that will take him to Yokohama, and finds a pilot boat that takes them to Shanghai, where they catch a steamer to Yokohama

Yokohama to San Francisco, US
By steamer across the Pacific Ocean

San Francisco to New York City, US
By rail

New York to London
By steamer across the Atlantic Ocean to Queenstown (Cobh), Ireland, in time to reach London before the deadline

London to Champagne Castle Hotel, South Africa for Rest and Recovery
By steamer to Durban. Rail to Ladysmith, and then Horseback

P.S. While Fogg and Passepartout completed their adventure in 1873, feel free to pick any period between then and now as you consider the character you will represent.