According to a new study completed by the University of Illinois and the University of Hong Kong, simply taking a walk down a tree-lined street has the power to significantly decrease your stress levels. Imagine what a walk in a forest at the foot of South Africa’s 2nd highest mountain will do?

The reviews of Champagne Castle Hotel on TripAdvisor are dominated by comments on the spectacular scenery seen from the rooms, the veranda or around the grounds of the hotel. Many of those reviews are from people who have taken a walk up onto the mountains, with either Wonderboy, our resident guide, or on their own. Those walks are often described as magical, even sacred. So a study like the one mentioned above isn’t news to us. It is helpful to have some science to include in our narrative.

Unless you’re doing the Sunset Trail, every walk starts and ends through the forest that borders the hotel. While the Hotel is within the World Heritage Site, we like to think of the forest as Nature’s Official Entrance. That means that you’re getting a double dose of stress-reduction when you go for a walk. On the way out (or into the forest) and on the way back (our out of the forest).

We’re not sure what science has to say about walking onto millions of years old mountains, or looking back down the Champagne Valley from hundreds of meters above it? Whatever science has to say, almost 50 years of talking to people at dinner about their walk during the day confirms that it’s good for your soul.

We look forward to welcoming you back from your next stress-reducing walk with us. See you soon